Rajinikanth picture jokes. Santa was looking at mobiles displayed in a shop. Salesman: Please come inside & choose. Santa: MC.. How can you talk to me like that? U come outside & mera choos.

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Rajinikanth picture jokes

And we are expected to believe that Dhanush, the slender, lightweight Dhanush, can take on burly villains single-handedly, and send them flying, slo-mo. You've projected this whole set of adjectives or beliefs on me. Books dance and dash mid-air like cheeky symbols for suspension of disbelief. Sometimes, it is used as a tool to direct hateful messages towards celebs and our stars have now learned to give it back to trolls, the most recent celeb being Shama Sikander. Arun Prabu Purushothaman Aruvi Rating: But Shetty limits his focus to shenanigans and split second gratification to fully explore the extent of such humour. Calls for violence are, of course, despicable.

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Rajinikanth picture jokes

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