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Best hangover jokes

A greasy breakfast was the best of the options presented. According to nutritionist Cassandra Barns , the vinegar in pickle juice can help stimulate the liver to detoxify and eliminate alcohol If you're game for a more unconventional cure, try pickle juice. Water with Pedialyte Pedialyte is a drink for kids. Tatl is all too happy to inform you of how disgusting she thinks the concoction is and forbids you from doing anything that might risk spilling or consuming it such as using the Warp Whistle to get back to town quickly , more due to the smell than for Gorman's sake. Finally Lauren just rigs an IV, and later buys her a beer hat that's holding electrolyte drinks. Web Comics An Inversion is found in A Modest Destiny , where the only way the alcoholic could be revived after extensive injuries is an alcohol drip.

Best hangover jokes

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