Apocalypse jokes one liners. As such, once you get the humor of their particular type, the jokes grow immediately stale and one-note, making anything beyond the first episode of the short-order.

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Apocalypse jokes one liners

We've seen everything from over-the-top gore-fests to bleak, character-driven stories involving the hungry waves of the undead. Even though the character didn't make me laugh very often, the movie thankfully avoided turning him into a completely unlikable and obnoxious person, so there's that. What kind of magic do cows believe in? Yo mama so ugly that yo daddy's breath smells like shit cause he'd rather kiss her ass. Yo momma so ugly when fat Albert ran away from her, he lost 50 pounds. Yo mama so ugly that when she tells the truth, it's the ugly truth!

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25 Of The Best One Liners You Have Ever Heard

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Apocalypse jokes one liners

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