Funny quotes love tagalog. Inspirational Tagalog quotes always help me with coping up. It may be a simple thing but I can dare say that the accumulated inspirational Tagalog quotes t.

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Funny quotes love tagalog

Para feel mo, hindi ka nag-iisa. Ewan ko lang pero para sa akin Mas importante ka, lam mo kung bakit? Dahil kung may dahilan para iwan ka, hahanap pa rin ako ng isang dahilan para ipaglaban ka. Ay dyusko to say I love you, Ay dyusko to say how much I care. Depending on your need, just pick up the best tagalog love quotes suitable for you. Christmas season is a time where good acts are rewarded, and bad acts are punished. Tatanggapin ko kung yun rin lang.

Funny quotes love tagalog

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"TagAlog" Inspirational Love Quotes(MAYBE)

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