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Jack wyatt funny car

The whole USA versus AUS thing is interesting, and we have had some great Aussies who are over here in the States racing like Graeme Cowin, and when they come over they want to do well against us and when we come down there we want to do well and represent for the States. For us, we have never been to Willowbank before, so it is going to be like going to any track that you are new too… getting a grip of the facility and the conditions and what you need set up wise etc. You will have US veteran and USA vs AUS Nitro Funny Car winner Gary Densham as your guide for the event — how does it feel to have such an experienced racer, and someone who despite being based on the other side of the world has such a history in this country racing Nitro Funny Cars, in your corner? We will just get out there and try and be competitive, we definitely want to run in the four second zone and at miles per hour, and while the first couple of runs will be in the testing frame of mind and that kind of thing, we can hopefully swing it around and go pretty quick once we know what we are looking at. Are you looking forward to racing in Australia, and have you ever done anything like this before racing Internationally? He has been guiding us through what to expect and telling us a bit about the competitors — you guys really have some strong racers there by the sounds of it, so it is going to be interesting!

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Finn Wolfhard, Wyatt Oleff, Jaeden Lieberher, Jack Grazer QnA Session

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Jack wyatt funny car

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