Funny nikah. Most Hindu wedding ceremonies will vary from one to next but if you are a Hindu wedding groom here is a succinct guide to the Hindu wedding ceremony.

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Funny nikah

Ganesh puja As with all auspicious Hindu occasions the wedding day starts with a prayer to Lord Ganesh. This will be placed around the couple as they prepare to enter into a new life together as one. The bride enters Throughout the wedding morning the priest will be reciting various slokas, these are Sanskrit verses designed to engulf the surrounding atmosphere with positive energy. The fire is invoked to act as a pure and sacred witness to the vows that are to be taken by the couple. Shilarohana The bride places her right foot on a stone and vows to be equally as strong in order to protect and preserve the peace of her new home. The knot represents that they are bound to each other in mind, body and soul for the rest of their lives. It is customary in some variations of the ceremony to hold up a white cloth in front of the groom so that he cannot see the bride as she enters.

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Funny Nikah In Faisalabad Molvi Funny Video- molvi ko ghusa aaygya. Phir dekhiay kia howa.

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Funny nikah

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