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Funny labrador presents

A Ridge Too Far So yes, I can drive a stick and I can parallel-park, which makes me better in some ways than many youngsters. Early on in the history of the Labrador, our breed was crossed with other breeds that contain the dilute gene, most notably the Chesapeake Bay Retriever. It is a soft alkaline earth metal. Lazy, inattentive, and vaguely prejudiced. Medium length features non-adjustable neck strap that fits over your head. Elderly Labradors may need thicker padding to support their joints and you can buy orthopaedic beds for extra comfort. This was great news for the future denizens of the so-called Alameda Ridge who would have a nice view of the city and a bunch of money to enjoy it with, but it was terrible news for those of us further north with all the elevation and none of the view and only passable driving skills and possibly a steaming load of cow shit.

Funny labrador presents

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Labrador Retriever Puppies Funny Compilation #3 - Best of 2017

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