Jokes about hetrosexuals. Thanks doll, I appreciate it. The way I see it, they’re are jokes to be made upon every post here towards whatever said post is about. Sure some are distasteful but.

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Jokes about hetrosexuals

O say can you see by the dawn's early light, What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming, Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight, O'er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming? And where is that band who so vauntingly swore That the havoc of war and the battle's confusion, A home and a country, should leave us no more? Their blood has washed out their foul footsteps' pollution. Blest with vict'ry and peace, may the Heav'n rescued land Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation! Legalise it but that doesn't mean that it isn't inherently sinful.

Jokes about hetrosexuals

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