Joker from dark knight died. Heath Ledger’s Joker had one very weird influence in The Dark Knight, according to the movie's director Christopher Nolan.

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Joker from dark knight died

The Animated Series episode "House and Garden". Why don't we cut you up into little pieces and feed you to your pooches? A few shots of the skullcap were kept in the film. Gotham's district attorney, hailed as the city's "White Knight" but becomes a psychotic vengeful serial killer after half of his face are disfigured and becomes obsessed with avenging Rachel's death. The Joker has wired both boats with explosives and has given each boat the detonator to the other one, saying that he will blow up both boats at midnight if one boat does not blow up the other.

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The Dark Knight: Final Joker Scene

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Joker from dark knight died

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