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Bionicle fun facts

The Miramax name remained with the film studio owned by Disney. Kamina, resident badass draws his trusty katana , and it keeps coming out of the sheath for ten feet, for no reason other than it looks cool while battling someone wielding a meat cleaver. Instead of just setting fire to the Juubi, he throws it, combining it with Naruto's Rasenshuriken, creating "shakutonkourinshuippukokuyari zero shiki" a. Sasuke can start a fire with his eyes. History[ edit ] Independent era — [ edit ] The company was founded by the brothers Harvey and Bob Weinstein in Buffalo, New York in , and was named by combining the first names of their parents Miriam and Max. It is also capable of being dunked in magma for a short while, and constantly fights robotic gladiators able to shoot lightning bolts and make 3-D mirages in thin air without a screen, flying medieval knights, whales loaded with nukes, three-headed dragons, giant crabs that set off earthquakes, Transforming Mecha that turn into giant landmines, Ninjas , archers, snipers and humanoids that can fly at Mach 6 speed. According to Miyazaki, the film was released without the edits Weinstein wanted.

Bionicle fun facts

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