Madge sinclair funeral. Past Services. Surname, December 31, ), (January 24, ), (August 22, ), (December 31, ).

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Madge sinclair funeral

Husband of Marion Boss. Never finding a stranger, he quickly made wonderful loyal friendships, which he cherished. George was an avid ham radio operator from the age of 13 when he received his first call sign, K1MON. Mary Ellen was loved by all and will remain in our hearts forever. Husband of Mary Lewis Noel: They settled in Kingsland, Texas in While they lived in Tatum, he was a member for 18 years of the Tatum Board of Education and served in all the Board offices; lifelong Lions Club member; and fire department volunteer fighting raging grass fires across eastern New Mexico.

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Neighbours - Madge's funeral (2001)

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Madge sinclair funeral

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