Fun ways to announce 3rd pregnancy. Have a bun in the oven? Congratulations! Here are 50 funny, cute, and seriously creative ways to break the news to your family and friends.

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Fun ways to announce 3rd pregnancy

This post contains affiliate links. And yet now, five pregnancies and two living children later—wait, three! May they keep their secret because they want to, not because they feel they need to. But we do each other a disservice by making the risk, the possibility of life not sustaining, and the reality of high rates of miscarriage something unspoken. Announce with a Message at the bottom of a Cup — Just pretend like there is a drink in the cup and serve it… then wait and watch the surprised and happy face. But I do know this: Just look at all of the cute and clever ideas below.

Fun ways to announce 3rd pregnancy

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Wife surprises husband in funny pregnancy announcement

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