Used car smells funny. May 17,  · How to Diagnose Car Smells. If you're smelling something unusual in your car, this can be the sign of a serious mechanical problem. It also might just mean Views: K.

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Used car smells funny

Maybe some food spilled on the carpet. At all speeds, particularly when you're working your way through the gears. Conclusion I think I covered most of the smells you will encounter on you journeys; I didn't cover the smell of burning oil because I think that car smell is obvious. Pat the area with a paper towel to check for wetness. Diagnosing Exhaust, Sulfur, and Gas Smells 1 Determine whether you have a leak in your exhaust system. Figure out why you smell oil burning. Unfortunately, leaks here typically mean a trip to the shop.

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How to Remove Car Odors in 6 Steps

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Used car smells funny

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