Funny quotes about warcraft. These are some of the major characters in the WarCraft universe (World of Warcraft included). Since it's filled with Loads and Loads of Characters, please .

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Funny quotes about warcraft

Priest — A hybrid caster, Priests channel their faith into spellcasting What religion they have faith in is dependent on the race. Notably, the only class that can use a ranged weapon and deal physical ranged damage, but can choose to be a beastmaster that fights in melee alongside his pet. They use Energy , and build a unique resource called Combo Points when using their abilities that they can later spend on various finishing moves, from recuperating after a battle, to eviscerating their prey. Additional features included pet battles , PvE scenarios, and Challenge Mode dungeons. Warriors utilize specialized combat stances to access and enhance various sets of offensive or defense abilities in the heat of battle.

Funny quotes about warcraft

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