Funny names of towns in georgia. Amusing place names, loads of hilarious pics, cartoons, jokes, riddles, illusions, funny animations, LOTS MORE FUN PAGES!!

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Funny names of towns in georgia

Founded in , the city was the capitol of the colony of Virginia for nearly 80 years. Ever wondered how those carvings even got there? It took a hard hit after World War I; only 40 people lived there. One of the few remaining gold-rush towns in Alaska, Chicken has no phone service, no electricity and its population fluctuates between 17 and You can even enjoy an aerial view of the town via hot air balloon, a widely popular activity, especially with a wine glass in hand. In , PETA requested that the town be renamed because it felt the current name alluded to animal abuse.

Funny names of towns in georgia

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Americans Pronounce Welsh Town Names

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