Bears packers pics funny. You Can Even Bet on Super Bowl Commercials. One of the biggest reasons that the Super Bowl has huge TV ratings every year, is the anticipation of funny commercials.

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Bears packers pics funny

But when it comes to football, he made a choice as a kid to pick the Packers — all thanks to sibling rivalry. Sactowns 1 Or he could have kept his powder dry, like the Niners did, knowing it was a weak draft class and gotten something in FA or waited till the next year. What Peppers is doing this season is remarkable. This mullet owner took his glamour shoot very seriously, while the other man grew the back of his mullet very long Mullet dreadlocks! What if Brady got injured? Kwiatkoski is a nice player. In possibly the most 80s photo ever taken, this man plays an electric keyboard while showing off his mullet Bowl cut mullet!

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Bears packers pics funny

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